Photography Birds: Field Techniques and the Art of the Image


In this complete guide to bird photography, Cornell Lab of Ornithology photographer Gerrit Vyn shares his approach and provides expert guidance for photographers of all levels to capture the beauty and behavior of bird life.

Whether you’re documenting the chickadees that visit your feeders, spending a day at a national wildlife refuge, or spending weeks in the field on a photo expedition or safari, Photography: Birds will give you the confidence and skills you need to be a better bird



great bird photograph doesn’t happen by accident – there are dozens of decisions to make and options to weigh. They begin before a photographer walks out the door and continue through the moment the shutter is released and image files are brought home for editing. Bird photography is a constant calculus in every aspect. From the technical settings on your camera and the lens choices you make, to where the best opportunities or light might be at any moment, to the way a subject is approached, to choosing the exact spot to frame an image from. The more you are informed and experienced in all aspects of photography, light, equipment, and natural history, the better you will be as a bird photographer. This book will give you the foundation you need to become a great bird photographer.

In Photography: Birds Vyn shares his deep understanding of such topics as:

  • selecting the best camera, lenses and accessories for bird photography
  • managing camera settings so you can get the results you want
  • photographing action and birds in flight
  • understanding compositional choices and how best to position yourself